Face Lift

Erase 10 years off your face with the latest face lift surgery options.

Facelift – Rhytidectomy

With the passing of time, there are few guarantees; however, one inevitability is the visibility of aging. Fortunately, there are several solutions available, the most popular of which is facelift surgery.

At SK Plastic Surgery, countless Los Angeles facelift patients have experienced the renewing effects of this procedure. If you believe you may be a candidate, please read on.

How does a facelift work? Our Beverly Hills facelift surgeon explains.

Despite its established nature, facelift surgery has undergone many changes of its own throughout the years. Modern, savvy facelift patients expect their results to appear authentic and non-surgical.

Therefore, today’s Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons pay closer attention to detail in an attempt to create more natural-looking results. As one of these esteemed Los Angeles facelift surgeons, Dr. Kim abides by this higher standard as well.

Dr. Kim outlines the steps of facelift surgery as follows:

  • Facial skin and fat reduction
  • Sagging facial muscle tightening
  • Detailed, precise skin redraping

With this careful approach, our Los Angeles facelift surgeon is able to help patients attain a significantly rejuvenated appearance without the evidence of surgery. Most of our patients find that their results resemble a much younger version of themselves, and are pleased with the subtlety of the transformation.

For examples, please visit the before and after facelift photos in our gallery. If you wish to gain a more comprehensive view of potential results, additional images and information are available at our Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery practice.

We invite you to request a consultation appointment with Dr. Kim for this purpose. After learning further details, you may be inclined to proceed as a Los Angeles facelift patient of our practice.