Breast Revision

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Because breast implants are not meant to last forever, we often see women come in roughly ten years after their initial breast augmentation for a revision procedure.

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Before and After Breast Revision Photos - SK Plastic Surgery
Breast Revision - Case Study 1

26 year old female with history of previous breast augmentation with asymmetry and rippling. She underwent breast revision with implant pocket adjustment. Post operative photos were taken 1 month after surgery.

Breast Revision - Case Study 2

Patient has history of bilateral transumbilical breast augmentation (through bellybutton) by another surgeon. Patient has right breast capsular contracture (scar encapsulated) and misshapen implant pocket on the left. Patient underwent right capsulectomy (removal of capsule) and left implant pocket revision (tightening and lifting of the implant pocket).

Breast Revision - Case Study 3

This patient has had breast augmentation with saline implants through the axilla (armpits) from another surgeon. Her first surgery was complicated by bilateral infections requiring a second operation to remove and replace her implants by another surgeon. She was unhappy with the shape of the implants after these two surgeries. Preoperatively, her old implants were positioned too superiorly. This patient underwent removal of bilateral saline implants and placement of bilateral silicone implants under the muscle and capsulorraphy (reshaping of the implant pocket).

Before and After Breast Revision Photos - SK Plastic Surgery

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