Nose Surgery

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Dr. Kim can skillfully reshape a patient’s nose to correct cosmetic and functional problems alike, with results that appear natural and unique.

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Nose Surgery - SK Plastic Surgery
Nose Surgery - Case Study 1

This patient desired reduction of the dorsal hump and refinement of the nasal tip.

Nose Surgery - Case Study 2

This patient wanted to reduce her dorsal hump, elevate and refine her tip. Dorsal hump reduction, with osteotomies, tip elevation and nostril narrowing were performed. Postoperative photos were taken 11 days after surgery.

Nose Surgery - Case Study 3

This patient had two previous rhinoplasties in the past by another surgeon. She was unhappy with the shape of the tip of her nose and unevenness of her nasal dorsum. Her dorsal silicone implant was replaced, and nasal tip elevated with ear cartilage graft. Postoperative photos were taken 6 days after surgery.

Nose Surgery - Case Study 4

We reduced this persons dorsal hump, refined and elevated her tip and reduced her nostrils. Postoperative photos were taken 14 days after surgery.

Nose Surgery - Case Study 5

This patient desired improvement of the shape of the nose. He underwent open rhinoplasty with narrowing of his nasal bones, shortening of the length of his nose and elevation of the tip.


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