Asian Nose Surgery and Rhinoplasty

The centerpiece of your face, a well shaped nose can greatly improve your facial balance.

What is the right nose surgery for you?

Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, nose reshaping or nose job, at our Beverly Hills clinic is performed by Dr, Kim. Our expert surgeon takes an artistic approach to finding the right balance and proportions for each patient's nose surgery. The nose is made up of several parts and the corrective needs are unique to each parent.

By "unique," we mean to imply that each patient’s results will be proportionate to his/her facial features (rather than a “one-size-fits-all” nose). Following recovery, our Los Angeles nose surgery patients find that their outcomes appear non-surgical – as if it is the nose they were born with.

What can you look forward to as a Beverly Hills rhinoplasty patient?

As stated, Dr. Kim has helped a variety of patients improve their nasal appearances with nose surgery. Beverly Hills patients of our practice can correct a wide range of unwanted features, including:

  • Excessive nose size
  • A sloping nasal bridge
  • Flared or misshapen nostrils

Of course, functional problems can also be addressed with rhinoplasty. Los Angeles’ Dr. Kim routinely assists patients seeking relief from:

  • Breathing conditions, such as deviated septum
  • Nasal birth defects
  • Malformations resulting from injury
  • Illness or drug abuse deformities of the nose

Whatever your reason for requesting this procedure, we encourage you to view before and after rhinoplasty photos of Dr. Kim’s Los Angeles nose surgery patients in our photo gallery. Chances are, you may identify with one or more of the featured patients; this can be useful as you visualize your potential results.

View nose surgery before & after photos